Please note: All Concerts have been cancelled as of 3/16/20

If you have purchased tickets, for the concert below, please see how to receive an exchange or refund.

TAD Management
Piano Man Generations (Elton John/Billy Joel) March 17th
Ultimate Chicago March 18th
The Everly Brothers March 19th
Eagles: One of These Nights March 20th
Go Now! Moody Blues March 28th

Please email please send the information below:

Venue: AJPAC
Ticket #:
Ticket number if not bought online for shows in Apache Junction:
If purchased as part of a group, they have to contact the person who coordinated the group buy.

If you call 602-717-8086, you will receive a message with the same info as above.
Current rescheduled dates:

ULTIMATE CHICAGO – moved from 3/18/2020 to 2/5/2021

PIANO MEN: GENERATIONS – moved from 3/17/2020 to 3/7/2021

EVERLY BROTHERS – moved from 3/19/2020 to 3/20/2021

GO NOW! – moved from 3/28/2020 to 3/21/2021

ONE OF THESE NIGHTS – moved from 3/20/2020 to 4/3/2021

George Straight March 21st 2020
Please keep your ticket(s). You are eligible to receive an exchange for another show next season. Yes, George Straight will be coming back next year. If any further questions or concerns, call 480-980-4487 or email

Thank you for your patience and we hope to see you next season!